Palau Hantu Island

Pulau Hantu is one of the small islands located south of Singapore main island. It is not far away, about 45 minutes boat ride from West Coast Pier. There are two islets, Pulau Hantu Besar and Pulau Hantu Kechil with a lagoon separating between them. At low tide, you are able walk on the lagoon, but be careful of where the tide is coming from.

Mild to low current would be expected while diving in Pulau Hantu, it is manageable. The water in Hantu is not exactly clear, nor dirty. However, due to the land reclamation around the area, the water is full of sediment. Diving in Pulau Hantu is said to be challenging, because of the poor visibility, often 3 to 5m or it can be as bad as 1m sometimes. But there is so much to offer here! You will be absolutely surprised what you will see in Pulau Hantu, abundance of corals and nudibranches, different types, different shapes and different colours.

Macro diving has withdrawn a lot of attention from divers, flat worms, sea horses, blue dragons, dancing fish (juvenile sweetlips), and other beautiful sea slugs. Diving in Pulau Hantu requires you to have very sharp eyes. One advice is to go really slow so as not to miss anything. Not everyone is a fan of macro diving, but don’t worry! Resident sea turtles, nurse sharks, batfish, cuttlefish etc were spotted here.

Best Time to Dive

  • It is important to know when to visit a particular point of interest, since the entire trip to a destination is sometimes for just seeing one attraction. In Singapore, Pulau Hantu is a prominent sightseeing attraction and the best months (or season) to visit there coincides with that of the destination itself – Apr, May, Jun, Jul are considered the best time to visit pulau hantu.


$ 99.00

Leisure Diving

$ 499.00

Open Water Diving Course


Rescue Diving Course

Additional Information

Pulau Hantu, an island that is familiar to most of the local divers. But have you dived in Hantu yet? Is Hantu worth a visit? It is definitely a YES. In our Pulau Hantu chapter, we bring you the Flexibility and Convenience of diving in our local waters.

Yellow at Hantu will offer:
FLEXIBILITY: We offer flexibility on both timing as well as dive activities. With 4 departures every weekend, you can pick and choose the slots which best suit your schedule. From Open Water, Advanced and Rescue courses to Leisure dives and dive specialities, all the main dive activities are accessible to everyone.
CONVENIENCE: Diving in Pulau Hantu involves short day trips over the weekend; no commitment of leave and overnight stay is required.

Great for:
Beginner, Reef Diving, Macro Diving

Coral Reef, Nudibranches, Seahorses

10 to 20m


Low to Mild

Surface conditions:

Water temperature:
28 – 30°C

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