Donsol, Philippines

Whale sharks are huge fish, and not whales, as their name may suggest. Congregating annually at Donsol to feed on the plankton and krill rich waters flowing through the San Bernardino Straits and into the Visayas, these gentle giants glide along mid-waters to the surface when following their food supply.
It is not just whale sharks that one gets to see in Donsol, although whale shark interactions at the the official sanctuary in the waters off Donsol are the order of the day. Rare species such as the frog fish, sole fish, lion fish, giant sea stars, nudibranchs and even the occasional large pelagics such as the manta rays, hammerhead shark and thrasher sharks may be found further out, at the dive sites around San Miguel and Ticao Islands.
Pandora is real… in Donsol. Cruise along the Donsol River and watch not only the spectacular sunsets, but the fireflies that collect by the thousands at specific trees, creating a pulsing, constantly shifting spectacle of lights right out of a movie. With bio-luminescent plankton glittering beneath the river surface on moonless nights, rest assured that this is an amazing trip one will never forget.

Best Time to Dive

  • Although there are variations from year to year, generally whale shark season is from December to May.
  • Best sightings are from February to April which is also the busiest time, so be sure to book well in advance.
  • Whale sharks can sometimes be seen as early as November and as late as June.


Additional Information

• Valid passport and Visa (if applicable)
• Cash in local currency (Philippine Peso; PHP)
• Personal Medication
• Travel Insurance (recommended)
• Able to snorkel/swim in the sea
• Minimum of Open Water Diver Certification or equivalent (for leisure diver)

Dive sites are approximately 45 minutes away from Donsol, which you will be brought to via speedboats.

All rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with ensuite bathrooms, hot/cold showers, and a beach view.

Currency Accepted:



  • 2 way land transfer between Legazpi Airport and Donsol
  • Full board accommodation at Vitton Beach Resort / Donsol Bay Resort
  • 2 whale shark interaction tours (snorkeling)
  • Up to 6 guided boat dives in San Miguel and/or Manta bowl
  • Air tanks and weights provided


  • Air fare between Singapore and Legazpi

Getting there:

  1. Fly from Singapore to Legazpi Airport in Legazpi City (Albay, Bicol, Philippines).
  2. Singapore – Manila – Legazpi Singapore – Manila (approximately 3.5 hours)
  3. Transit (approximately 5 hours) Manila – Legazpi (approximately 1 hour) Coach/mini-bus from Legazpi Airport to resort in Donsol, Sorsogon. (approximately 1.5 hours)
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